Shenzhen Acenyuan Technology Co.Ltd was founded in 2017 to develops and manufacture general laboratory products to the worldwide market including Short Path Distillation,Rotary Evaporator,Glass Water Distiller,Jacket Glass Reactor,Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer,Analytical Balance,Vacuum Drying Oven,Magnetic Stirrer with Electric Heat Bath ,Overhead Stirrers, Circulating Water Vacuum Pump,Spectrophotometers,Soxhlet Extraction Mechine,Palm Mirco Centrifuges. and custom made industrial products.Acenyuan now also offers Class A,CE Certified laboratory glassware such as graduated cylinders, flasks, beakers, bottles and other plastics.

The primary mission of Acenyuan Technology is to provide quality, reliable and competitively-priced research equipment to the university, academic institutions government,biotechnology,biomedical, pharmeceutical,and industrial markets and to support the equipment with prompt technical after-sales service.During the past 3 years, this approach has demonstrated success and rewarded the company with loyal repeat customers and growing business.