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Laboratory (Lab) Equipment suppliers More than 15 years production experience professional laboratory glassware manufacturer since 2005.


High quality and good performance products.



We offer a variety of high quality lab glassware, equipment, plastic products, raw materials, chemicals and laboratory solutions.

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High Quality

The Laboratory Equipment bond department is very strong

Production Experience

We have sophisticated processing technology and 15 Years Production Experience

Competitive Price

We can provide the more competitive price,so we offer you competitive factory wholesale price.

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Acenyuan laboratory equipment has been committed to becoming a professional company that provides quality lab glassware to our customers worldwide.We have two factories to manufacture laboratory glassware and have more than 15 years experience in glassware production.WUBOLAB team committed to be our customers’ trust lan assitant.laboratory glassware suppliers in China—WUBOLAB glassware

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